Thesna Aston
3 min readMar 16, 2022


The Intruder:

The noise:

I’m a light sleeper, and "something," a noise woke me at 3 am.
I train my ears to listen for noises beyond the darkness that envelope me.
My heart is pounding as I lie still, trying to understand where the noise emanates from.
Flashes of horror movies run rampant in my mind.
My imagination "runs" from being "sliced and diced" by Jason from the movie Friday 13th. Being "slain" by Freddie, from Nightmare on Elm Street, or worse, some entity from Paranormal Activity, who wants to take over my body. I am defenceless against the last one. Jason and Freddie, I could maybe try and run from but an "entity?" Not a chance.


The noise sounds louder now!
It sounds as if it's at my front door.
Summoning the bravery of my ancestors, praying to God to keep me safe, I am determined not to be killed in my bed. Let forensics show my family that I confronted the "danger" and bravely fought for life.
I slip my Rosary around my neck (in case it's a Paranormal Activity scenario). My hand tentatively reached out for the wooden bat (my protection) under the bed.
Careful not to make a sound, I slip out of bed. There's no time to lose as I hear the noise at the doorknob, more insistent this time.
Suddenly there is a soft thud on the ground outside.
Oh Lord, help me!
I'm terrified!
I ignore my trembling knees, sweaty palms and accelerated heartbeats and move slowly forward.
I walk cautiously, like a baby taking its first steps, one step in front of the other!
Oops! The bat nearly slipped out of my hand. I wipe my sweaty palms on my pyjamas. Thank goodness it was the tee-shirt type and not the silk ones.

Face to Face with Danger:

A few more steps to go, and I will be face to face with danger.
The distance between my bedroom and the front door is short and long, dependent on where my thoughts are at.
Could the intruder hear my heartbeat? It sounds so loud in my ears.
I am scared, but I know that I am the only one brave enough to do this!

Ok, I lie; I am alone in the house! My husband is working away.
My plan is to go on the offence, wrench the door open and start swinging the bat.
I inch closer to the front door and quietly turn the key. I place my left hand on the doorknob, simultaneously lifting the bat high with my right hand. I am ready to strike whoever is on the other side that's threatening my safety and security.
I scream as I wrench the door open, ready to swing the bat.

Darkness surrounds me, and as I look around wildly for the intruder, all I hear is, "MIAOW!"



Thesna Aston

Writer- The complexities of life are simplified through my Writing. Wellness Coach, Human Rights Activist. Grateful for my life and family